Company Policy

Company Policy

Our Mission

To drive the profitable global growth of Related Fluid Power by designing, manufacturing and supplying products and solutions that meet our markets expectations and that achieve total customer satisfaction.

To provide a focused range of products in our chosen markets that are safe, reliable, cost effective and truly fit for purpose.

To be continually committed to the development of our people and to maintain their product and technical knowledge so that they can deliver the service and support that differentiates us from our competitors.

Our Aims & Objectives

To accomplish our mission we recognise that we must have in place some basic long standing aims and objectives. These are as follows:

• To continually improve and invest in the quality of our employees by identifying and satisfying training requirements to the ultimate benefit of the company.

• To encourage a company culture of good communication, trust, dignity and mutual respect between all our employees as well when we interact with our customers and suppliers alike.

• To continue with our ongoing investment in the latest machine tool and design technology and all associated equipment to increase efficiency and reduce costs in all aspects of our business.

• To continue to monitor and measure our processes to enable us to eliminate waste, promote efficiency and quickly identify our performance status at anytime.

Design and Engineering Department Policy.

The policy of RFP Design and Engineering Department is to design products that are both innovative, cost effective and meet the expectations of the Customer and RFP.

The main aims of the department include:

• To produce designs, drawings and associated paperwork that are clear, correct and can be easily understood by the customer as well as by all RFP’s other departments

• To create products that are fit for purpose and safe to use.

• To create an open dialogue with the Customer and other RFP Departments to ensure that designs meet all expectations from initial concept through development to the working of the final product.

• To ensure that designs are completed in a time efficient manner to meet all expectations.

• To quickly identify at initial concept stage the feasibility to design and manufacture a required product.

• To be aware of the latest technology and products relevant to the design, manufacture and sales activities of RFP.