Custom Hydraulic Manifold Systems

Custom Hydraulic Manifold Systems

Custom hydraulic manifold system

The combination of extensive application experience, innovative design and flexible manufacturing allow us to offer custom hydraulic manifold systems that meet our customers’ demands.

Product Scope & Control Options

• Controls selected from large range of cartridge and sub-plate mounted valves
• Manual, mechanical, pilot operated, electro-hydraulic, proportional
• Directional, pressure, flow, load-holding controls
• Typical Flows rates: to 600 lpm
• Typical Pressures: to 420 bar
• Large choice of voltage and termination options (incl. environmental proofed coils)
• Large choice of port sizes and types
• Manifold materials: High grade aluminium and steel
• Various protective coatings

Benefits of Hydraulic Manifold Systems

• Custom designed total control assembly
• Efficient and energy saving – large flow paths, minimised pressure drops
• Compact
• Ease of installation and maintenance
• Reduced Leakage
• Aesthetic
• Cost effective
• Simplified ordering

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