Crossover Relief Valves

Typical application for the RVC valve is in a series circuit where a load on motor #2 causes back pressure on motor #1 and relief valve #1. Vent in port 2 of RV 1 allows spring to maintain proper load on motor #1 even though back pressure is present. Port 2 pressure into spring chamber to offset back pressure. Vent at port 2 causes 7.6 LPM flow from port 2 to port 1. Typical application for the RVB valve is in a parallel circuit where the load on motor #2 does not cause back pressure on motor #1. Relief valve maintains differential pressure across motor because one side of motor always goes to tank.

Crossover Relief Valves D-DERVB7627510
Crossover Relief
Parallel Circuits
Crossover Relief Valves D-DERVC7627510
Crossover Relief
Series Circuits


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