New Product – 10 Litre Usable HDPE Plastic Reservoir.

10 Litre Usable HDPE Plastic Reservoir
Designed for vertical use, our new 10 litre plastic reservoir has a whole host of benefits making it suitable for a large number of mobile hydraulic power unit applications. Blow moulded as a single piece in HDPE plastic, these tanks offer robust construction in a compact 300mm x 20mm x 195mm size. As with other Related Fluid Power products, flexibility, simplicity and high performance are key attributes seen in the design of this reservoir. These include:

• HDPE Plastic suitable for temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius.
• Moulded level marks along with semi-transparent material for ease of use.
• Self-supporting light weight construction.
• Fluid compatibility. Suitable for use with mineral and synthetic oils.
• Large capacity breather.
• Compatibility. Suitable for use with a large range of AC & DC motors as well as standard pressure balanced, helical and spur type pumps. Various standard and custom valve circuits available including return line filter option.

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