New Product Development – Hydraulic Power Units

New Product Development – Hydraulic Power Units

The introduction of our newly developed 3kW DC electric fan cooled motor has further increased build capabilities within our range of Mini130 & Mini150 hydraulic power units. Traditionally, DC power units over 2.2 kW are commonly supplied as separate motor-pump and reservoir; this latest development combines all elements into one easy to use and install package.

Like our other AC & DC power unit products, performance is optimised through component design and selection. Design flexibility is further enhanced by access to our extensive parts library.

The introduction of these DC motors to our existing product line-up further extends our capability to offer compact, quiet and efficient AC & DC power unit systems ranging from 150W up to 5.5kW along with various pump displacements, reservoir options and standard valve circuitry.

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Hydraulic Power Unit with 3kW DC electric fan cooled motor.