Flow Divider/Combiner Valves

Flow Divider/Combiner Valves

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Typical Schematic

Typical application for the FDA, FDB and FDH flow divider / combiner valves is to synchronize two independent cylinders or hydraulic motors in both directions. The FDT valve is typically used to provide positive traction for vehicle transmissions. If one leg loses load, the valve insures flow to the other leg.

  Code LPM BAR Size Datasheet .STP .DXF
Flow Divider Valve, Spool Type D-DGFDB 45 240 10
Flow Divider    
Flow Divider / Combiner Valve D-DGFDA 45 240 10
Flow Divider/ Combiner    
Flow Divider / Combiner Valve, Spool Type D-DGFDH 45 240 10
Flow Divider/ Combiner Hi-Accuracy Type    
Flow Divider / Combiner Valve, Positive Traction, Spool Type D-DGFDT 45 240 10
Flow Divider/ Combiner Pos. Traction Type    
Flow Divider / Combiner Valve D-SNFDA 151 240 16
Flow Divider/ Combiner    


Warning: The specifications/application data shown in our catalogs and data sheets are intended only as a general guide for the product described (herein). Any specific application should not be undertaken without independent study, evaluation, and testing for suitability.

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